Every body wants to improve their financial condition on a regular basis .But How?

Let us examine from the people Who are financially very week.Those who do not have money to meet their day to day needs.

First take a list of things and your capabilities.Then think or explore how you can convert them to money.You and you only can take initiative for you.Others can guide you (or misguide you).

You may be having some knowledge of every subject.Try to excel in the field you are most interested.Then think How your knowledge can be converted into money. Do not compare yourself with those who have excelled in the field of your interest initially.But you can do it at a later stage only to improve yourself.

Now you may be confused .How I can convert my interest into money.

First try to excel in the field of your interest.Then search about the field of your interest  and the people who have excelled in that field and how it has changed their financial status.Then modify the strategy they used according to the time and according to your mental condition.

Do not allow others to exploit you or misguide you.Find a way of your own taking lessons from others and your past.

More to follow!

Better Tomorrow

We all carve carve for a better next moment.A better pleasing,a better satisfied.happier next moment.Let us unite and explore the means to achieve it.Each of us has some idea.Let us pool it and correlate it to achieve our eyes opening a better tomorrow.


My fellow Indians ,stop for a moment and think What you get from Government of India is any where near What you anticipate from a Democratic Government.

1)The Indian doing a job in Government department is called a Government Servant.But in reality he is a Boss and the common man approaching him is treated much lower than a Servant.

2)Many census have taken place.India become digital.Has GOI have a list of Indian citizens.

3)Whenever a Welfare program is ordered thousands Que up in  lakhs of of local government offices with the same Documents they have submitted plus an additional one recently ordered.

4)Even after 68 years of Independence ,  is Government  not aware who all will be benefited by that welfare program?

Now Think When India will have all the details of all the Indian citizens from Birth to death and When government will approach people  instead of mass approaching the government bodies.

Otherwise what is the use of Digital India.

Direct Democracy

Though Democracy has has its roots in the past,It is showing the signs of saturation recently,though it is not.It is not at all keeping pace with the technology advancement.A near total direct democracy is easily possible by almost all nations.Uniform civil law for the entire universe and debarring religions from forming civil laws and customs seems the best solution.Extremism will have a natural death if accomplished.